Perception is Reality

Hiya friends!

Today I wanted to briefly hit on a super basic marketing principle.  Instead of talking about tools like social media, web sites, branding, etc. I want to get to the core of what marketing is all about.  Here is comes…

Marketing is managing the perception that others have about your organization. Why is perception so important?  Because a person’s perception is their reality.  If a person perceives your church to be one that’s unfriendly to newcomers, it doesn’t matter how many pictures you have of hugs given and hands shaken on your web site; that person’s perception will be their reality until convinced otherwise.

One key goal in marketing is to get people to know, like, and trust you.  Why is that?  Because if they know, like, and trust you, they’re more likely to accept your product.  Since our product, as Christians, is literally a life (and eternity) changing product, it’s important that we remove unnecessary obstacles from being likable.  (Please don’t be offended by the term product.  I know it’s much more than that.  I’m just speaking in marketing language.)

So what are a few ways we can manage perceptions and get people to know, like, and trust us?  Here are a few practicals that don’t even involve a new logo or video:

Pay your bills on time. Businesses appreciate it and it gives them the perception that you appreciate them and are responsible.

Tip well at restaurants. A nice tip from “church folk” on Sunday afternoon really goes a long way in the “know. like, and trust” department.

Get involved in the community. Simply having a life outside of the church gives us opportunities to build relationships, manage perceptions, and show the community we care.

And tons more. Keep your lawn mowed, be polite, be patient on the road, return your shopping cart to the “Cart Corral”, get along with other believers, etc.

We’re always marketing (managing perceptions) even when we don’t realize it.  Lets do a good job of it for His glory!

What are some other practical ways of marketing our organization?

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