Leveraging Social Networking

Love it or hate it, social networking (also called social media) is here to stay and ignoring it is to your own detriment.

Imagine the local TV station calling you and offering to donate a sixty second commercial to you that viewers can watch any time, 24 hours a day.  Then imagine people from all over the world wanting to hear what’s on your heart and know what has your attention.  This is what happens when you post a video to YouTube, write a blog, create a Facebook group, or send a tweet.

Social networking is connecting us to our ministry community and opening up lines of communication like never before.  It’s like having several advertising and connection avenues open to us for FREE!

Here are 4 reasons your organization should be using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and blogs:

1. It helps your congregation feel connected to you throughout the week. Sundays and Wednesdays aren’t enough to build community.  Let them feel like you’re always connected.  You can even take your Sunday message further by expounding on it at your blog.

2. It adds layers of communication when a message is urgent. Service canceled because of snow?  Do you really expect to call everyone to let them know?  Send a message to the Facebook group, Twitter the information (excellent if they’re following by text), and make a fun video of you out in the snow that you can post to YouTube and send out a link.

3. It puts you out there for seekers to find. I found the church I attend on the internet and others are finding their churches too.  When your Twitter profile, Facebook, blog, and YouTube profile all include links to your first class web site, it increases the chances of seekers finding your church exponentially.

4. It’s fun. It just is.  When you Twitter that you went the wrong way down a one way street in Chicago, your congregation members and you can all have a laugh at your expense on Sunday.  The team that’s in Mexico for a missions trip can post pictures instantly to Facebook, and that goofy video the youth group made can be shared with the world on YouTube.

You have life, love for each other, and great vision.  Why not share it with social networking?

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