It’s All About You

Welcome to our brand new church and ministry marketing blog.

I wanted to kick this blog off by sharing what I believe is the most important part of your marketing strategy.  You!

Believe it or not, the leadership of an organization can do the greatest good (or greatest harm) to its marketing efforts.  You may not have the slickest graphics or flashiest web site in the world, but when a guest comes and sees what a warm, genuine person you are, he’s more likely to stay.  The opposite is true too.  You can have great materials, a slam-dunk logo, and a $20,000 web site, but if you’re impersonal, distracted, and come off as unfriendly or inaccessible, it’s unlikely that your super cool guest packet will end up anywhere but the trash.

Here’s something that might help.  Ask a friend to shadow you on a Sunday morning.  Have him or her take notes on how you interact with people you do and don’t know.  Ask them to be brutally honest with you.  Maybe have them create a critique sheet with the following questions:

1. Do you walk slowly through the crowd or do you seem rushed?

2. Is your smile sincere?  Do you seem genuine? (People know when you’re faking it.)

3. Do you listen well? (It’s easy to do all the talking when your nervous.)

4. Are you intentional about greeting new faces? (A cliquey pastor begets a cliquey church.)

5. Are you dressed for the culture you’re trying to minister to?

That’s just a start.  You can add or take away all you want for your own critique.

Just remember, organizations rise and fall on its leadership.  You are a walking marketing campaign whether you like it or not.  Be your best!

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