Brand It (Personally)!

“Our pastor blogged for the first time!”  The email came with much excitement.  When I went to the blog, there were already four comments.  A discussion was on and it was obvious that people were excited to read what was on their pastor’s heart (and it wasn’t even Sunday).

Often times, churches and ministries work hard to create a brand for their organization.  A clever name, a slick logo, and a flashy web site.  That’s good, but people are looking for connections first; connections with other people.  That’s why “personal branding” is so important.

When the pastor gets out there and develops connections through social networking tools like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and a great blog, it fosters connections with his congregation and beyond.  He shares his heart and it builds trust.  That trust makes it easier for people to connect with the vision of the organization and, ultimately, the organization.

I know it may seem awkward.  It might seem like you’re setting yourself up as some sort of celebrity, but that’s not the heart of personal branding for ministry (although it may be for some, but it shouldn’t be).  Upload a great picture, send some friend requests.  Follow, get followers, follow back (you’re building an online community, not a fan base).  Upload a video, and blog about what God is doing in you.  People want to connect with you, so let them.

Let your brand lead them to your organization’s.

5 Replies to “Brand It (Personally)!”

  1. In the first paragraph? You guys. I saw Ron’s first blog and it was outstanding. I love that you had so much interaction right away. Your pastor even started a Facebook profile and everything. I love it! You get it and you’re doing it and I love it!

  2. Hey this sounds familiar! haha It’s been a blast and the immediate feedback is affirming that people are ready for this kind of communication. Thanks for all your help Lee.

  3. Hey Lee, Can we talk sometime about this? I am wondering what “personal branding” is? Don’t forget, just because I did finally “blog: I am still a dinosaur. ;)

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