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  1. How about the Gospel? Maybe that’s the problem. People shouldn’t want to go to a church based on the fact that it’s culturaly “relevant”, have cool music, lit well, etc. People should want to go to church because Christ’s redeeming love and power are changing lives. I’m not against marketing, I’m against marketing being lifted above Christ.

  2. That’s a good point! We’re trying to reach people that don’t go to our church. Why not ask some people that don’t go what they would like to see? Could be enlightening! My guess is that most church leaders don’t ask because they don’t really want to know what seekers would like to see. They’re afraid it wouldn’t be what they want to do.

  3. Lee,

    Thank you for pointing out a key factor in any church outreach effort…we must think about who we are trying to reach vs. appealing to our own sense of God and why He matters.

    People often confuse the medium vs. the message. Marketing isn’t a four letter word but a way to convey an idea and why it matters to them. We need to BOTH convey the truth of the Gospel AND make it relevant to the receiver.

    Jesus did this all the time. Many of the parables would be considered “watering down” the theology, but instead it conveyed God’s love and grace in a compelling way.

    The same is truth for us. We can either speak to ourselves or we can re-present Christ in a heart or mind opening way.

    Which do you think Jesus would want?

    I’ve written an e-book on how to “Connect with Your Community” on my blog Flock:ology in case you’re interested. Let me know what you think!


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